Various Editing Pieces

Slightly NSFW (brief nudity)

Compilation of home movies from the 1939-1940 World's Fair in Queens, New York.

Music: "Around This World" by LZO

Recut trailer of 1983 horror film "Sleepaway Camp"

Music: "We Got the Beat" performed by The Go-Go's, written by Charlotte Caffey


Director of Cinematography, Story: Adele Burnes

Puppeteering, Puppet Creation, Story, Editing, Sound, Special Effects: Kori Valz

Puppeteering: Kelley Coyne

Producers: Greta Thorson and Christopher Heston

Puppeteering and Security: Richard Price and Vincent Lok

Craft Services and Location Assistance: Mark DeVito

"An OkStupid Date" Trailer

Trailer for student film "RPS"